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America has more coal than any other fossil fuel resource. The United States also has more coal reserves than any other single country in the world. In fact, just over 1/4 of all the known coal in the world is in the United States. The United States has more coal that can be mined than the rest of the world has oil that can be pumped from the ground. 

Currently, coal is mined in 26 of the 50 states.

Coal is used primarily in the United States to generate electricity. In fact, it is burned in power plants to produce more than half of the electricity we use. A stove uses about half a ton of coal a year. A water heater uses about two tons of coal a year. And a refrigerator, that's another half-ton a year. Even though you may never see coal, you use several tons of it every year.
Coal is not only our most abundant fossil fuel, it is also the one with perhaps the longest history. If you are interested in the early discovery and uses of coal...Click Here